Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Author Interview: Terry McChesney author of Dog Tacos

I interviewed Terry McChesney in the library at Col. John O. Ensor Middle School in El Paso, Texas, on April 4, 2011. McChesney was in town speaking to high school students at Chapin and Coronado High Schools. He brought me a copy of his book Dog Tacos and agreed to answer a few questions.

Pamela (me): Who is the target audience of your book Dog Tacos?

McChesney: Middle school and high school readers, but I am surprised how many 30 and 40-year old people who have read it like it.

Pamela: You set the story in El Paso? Why here?

McChesney: I grew up in El Paso and went to Bassett Middle School and Austin High School. Both my parents were teachers in El Paso.

Pamela: What is your next project?

McChesney: I am working on Dog Tacos 2 and have plans for a third book.

Pamela: What is your future in skateboarding?

McChesney: After a 16 year absence, I plan to continue with skateboarding. I used to have a skate park here in El Paso.

Terry McChesney's book Dog Tacos is now available. Other Dog Tacos merchandise and more about the author can be found at www.dogtacos.com

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