Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paranormal Pick: Die For Me

Die For Me
by Amy Plum
Harper Teen
352 pages (page count from publisher's website)
Available May 11, 2011

Compelling, exciting, and entertaining, Die For Me is a new twist on the tired and trite paranormal vampire romance book. There are no vampires here! Readers will relish the fresh approach to girl meets boy, but girl can't ever really "have" boy.

A week before Christmas sixteen year old Kate Mercier's parents are killed in a car accident. It is decided that Kate and her older sister Georgia must move to France to live with their grandparents. Georgia fills her days and nights with parties and boys while Kate mopes around the house in a dark depression. When she finally goes outside, she begins visiting a lively French cafe. On one outing, Kate notices an otherworldly, blindingly gorgeous Vincent.

Vincent begins to fill the void left in Kate's life. She is stangely attracted to him, yet knows that something is just not right. She fears he is a criminal, but he tells her he is working "undercover."

Then strange things start to happen. Kate sees Vincent's friend Jules killed by a metro train, Jules shows up again very much alive. When Kate sees a fifty year old picture of a firefighter saving lives during the 1968 Paris riots--she knows it's Vincent. But how can that be? The article with the picture says the firefighter died that day. Just who is Vincent and who are his creepy, yet astonishing beautiful friends?

The closer Kate gets to the answers, the more danger she finds herself in.

Highly recommended for paranormal romance readers grades 9-12.

FTC Required Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review.

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