Thursday, April 26, 2012

Penzeys--the Spice Company With a Heart

On my recent trip to Houston for the Texas Library Association conference, I visited Penzeys (spice store) on W. 19th Street. We don't have a Penzeys where I live, so usually I order from their catalog by phone or online. Each year, when I attend conference in other Texas cities, I find a Penzeys location.

I knew what I was looking for since I had checked out the catalog before my trip: Pasta Sprinkle, Chili Pequin--very HOT and dangerous, French Thyme, Green Pepper, Red Pepper, Saffron, and their newest sensation: Raspberry Enlightenment. I left with two cute Penzeys bags.

For the flight home, I put the two bags in a larger carry-on tote so that no spice jars would get broken. At security, my bag was stopped at the xray. The TSA officer asked to check the contents of the bag. After pulling out each jar and bag, she came over to me and was very nice, saying," I'm sorry, Ma'am, everything is okay except this one."

My Raspberry Enlightenment! I had forgotten the fact that its texture is considered a liquid and not allowed on the airline. She said I could take it back downstairs and put it in my checked bags but it was too far and too much of a hassle. I told her just keep it and enjoy! Then, I found out that they have to throw everything into the trash! My beautiful, unopened Raspberry Enlightenment would end up in the trash bin!

When I returned home and settled in, I phoned Penzeys and retold my sad story of the TSA and my poor Raspberry Enlightenment. Penzeys sent a brand new jar with an added spice just for fun and overnighted it! All at no cost to me! If you love to cook or know someone who loves spices, visit Penzeys site.

Here's the two bottles Penzeys shipped to me

and the nice note from the customer rep who sent it right out to me!

It's nice to know that an American company still has a heart for its repeat customers. If you don't know about Penzeys, visit their site and ask for a catalog. I guarantee you'll be a customer, too!

Feed your soul,


  1. Just a heads up for next year in Ft. Worth...there is a Penzey's on 8th street just off Rosedale in the hospital area!

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Pam. I will visit the one in Ft. Worth next April. Thanks for telling me about the location!

  3. If you return food to the grocery store, they have to throw that away, too! Even something like an unopened box of Sweet and Low! Found this out after teenager brought home three 3 pound tubs of oleo instead of three boxes of oleo sticks. It took a LONG time to work through that! What a nice company!