Friday, June 1, 2012

False Memory
by Dan Krokos
Disney Book Group (Hyperion)
336 pages

Available August 14, 2012

Dark, dangerous, dynamic, and disturbing, False Memory is a solid page-turner that will have sci-fi fans reading at a frantic pace. Teens won't be able to put this complex ya novel down.

Miranda has lost her memory, but she knows her name and knows that she needs help. She finds herself in a mall but without any memory of how she got there or how to get home. She asks a mall cop for help, but he thinks she's a troubled teen-ager just out to pull a practical joke.

Suddenly all hell breaks loose and everything goes crazy. Miranda feels weird and her head is throbbing. People around her are running for their lives, but one boy appears untouched by all the mayhem. He reaches out to Miranda--assuring her that he is her friend and that he needs to take her from the mall to safety. Miranda has no choice but to follow Peter.

What she discovers is even worse than she could have imagined. Home is a laboratory where Dr. Tycast assures her that he will make her well again. She stopped her injections and that's why she's lost her memory. The doctor assures her that Olive, Peter, and Noah are her friends.

What if the doctor is not their loving father figure at all? The kids have powers that can be unleashed as a weapon against mankind. What if someone wanted to use them to harm people? How much would a government pay for their kind of powers?

The kids unearth a startling secret: there are more kids like them. The doctor is not powerful enough to keep them safe and the kids soon find themselves on their own.

Miranda and her team are in for the fight of their lives. They are searching for Rhys--rumored to be like them but one who escaped and went underground. They are going to need his help--if he can be trusted.

Plot twists and turns galore. Don't blink or you might miss something in this rollicking thrill-ride. Be prepared to stay up all night with this book.

Highly, highly recommended for sci-fi fans and anyone who likes a thrilling read. Girls and guys will both like this one.

Grades 7-up.

FTC Required Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review.


  1. Great review! This sounds really good. My kids are going to love this. I added it to my upcoming wall.

  2. We love Sci-Fi - False Memory sounds & looks agmazing :D