Tuesday, June 19, 2012

by Lisa Tawn Bergren
(series, book 6)
Waterbrook Press
(first publicatation 2001)

Firestorm is the perfect book for your beach read this summer. It offers romance, a lot of action, a hot (pun intended) new male lead, a hot-headed and stubborn female protagonist, a beautiful setting, and tons of fuel to add to the fire, so to speak.

Reyne Oldre is a smoke jumper who has been grounded by the fire that led to several of her team members' deaths. She is now doing fire research and wants her project funded, but faces competition when smoke jumper hot and smoldering Logan McCabe comes between her and her funding. The board decides that Reyne and Logan can work together developing HIS project.

Reyne has been burned by love before; someone close to her lost in fire, and she doesn't want to get close to someone who eats and lives danger on a daily basis.

Her friends see the smoldering looks between the two and know it's only a matter of time before Reyne will fall for Logan.

Readers will like spunky Reyne and female readers will swoon over Logan McCabe--a gentleman who only wants the girl.

This is book six in the series, but readers need not read the first five. It is possible to understand this book without reading the first ones. The author keeps the reader up-to-date on what has happened in Reyne's past.

The Christian point of view is not overdone and the book is not too preachy. It is interesting to mix realistic fiction with a character who believes in her faith.

Recommended for anyone who likes a hot summer romance with fiery action.
Grades 9-up. Mature situations; no language.

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