Thursday, October 18, 2012

Young Reader Pick: Nightsong

By Ari Berk
Loren Long, Illustrator
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
48 pages

This little gem will leave young readers delighted and in love with the unlikeliest of creatures: bats!

Chiro is a young bat about to embark on his first solo flight at night. His mother tells him to sing a song to the world and the world will answer; this explains how the bat is able to “see” at night. Chiro is to visit the pond nearby and eat his breakfast and then fly back home.

Chiro realizes when he sings his song, he is able to “see” the shapes of trees in the pitch black. He sees birds overhead and reaches the pond where he eats. He wonders what else is out there? What is there to see beyond the pond? He flies until dawn and returns safely home to his mother’s love.

Beautifully illustrated in graphite and acrylic, Loren Long captures the youthful exuberance of Chiro, his bat-ears huge in the dark night. On one two page spread, Chiro is shown close up—his eyes are almost doe-like, his mouth a surprised little “O”. Children will love Chiro and his journey.

The book explains where Chiro’s name comes from. It’s from the Greek word chiroptera meaning “hand wing.” Further, it explains that bats are the only mammal that can fly.

Highly, highly recommended for young readers and anyone who loves beautiful artwork. This is a picture book that can be studied for the art alone.

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