Monday, December 17, 2012

Pamela's Picks: Best Books 2012 (middle and YA)

Pamela’s Picks 2012

These are the best books I’ve reviewed this year. I may have missed some great ones (I’m sure I have, but here’s my picks); these are the books I’ve read, reviewed, enjoyed, and decided that they represent the best reads for 2012.

Best books for middle school:

The Last Dragonslayer—quaint, quirky, and clever with quick banter and a bodacious female protagonist and a dragon you will fall in love with.

The Normal Kid—sweet!

Spy School—great pick for reluctant reader; clever writing, great story! Fun spy stuff!

The Quick Fix—middle school angst and pranks; one very savvy middle school private eye

Best books YA and high school:

First, let me say it was a big year for zombies!

Best zombie books:

A Bad Day for Voodoo—a cross between "Shaun of the Dead" and "Revenge of the Babysitter." Very funny! You will laugh out loud…

Undead—another great zombie book!

And all the others:

BZRK—very thrilling thriller that rockets along; this one made my skin crawl due to its “ick” factor

Butter—a poignant story of a high school boy who gets bullied and abused because of his weight

The Raven Boys—book one in the new trilogy by Stiefvater who just keeps getting better with each new book; this one’s a ghost story

Ditched: A Love Story—Prom night from hell! Funny as heck!

Sons of the 613— a great story of two brothers who find common ground and understanding; poignant ending

Cold Fury—this is one girl who can kick some serious butt!

Between the Lines—never read a story quite like this one; charming!

Unwholly—takes Unwind to a whole new level

Skylark—the cover drew me in, but the story sold me

Terror Pick: Adult Fiction

What the Night Knows by Dean Koontz—his most terrifying yet, and I’m a lifelong Koontz fan. Trust me on this one.

Best Book Covers 2012

Skylark—simply beautiful but disturbing

Cold Fury—I wanted to read the book when I saw the cover and the premise; mafia teen princess running from the bad mafia guys? I’m in!

Undead—who doesn’t love a cheerleader holding an axe dripping with blood?

Skinny—again, the cover sells the book and it helps to have the quote from Lauren Myracle on the front cover.

Obsidian—smoldering good looks and the words “They’re not like us” sells the book

Happy reading! And here's to 2013--another great year for YA books! Pamela

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