Monday, August 19, 2013

High School Pick: Bang

Bang (Visions, book 2)
by Lisa McMann
Simon Pulse
256 pages

Available October 8, 2013

Horrifying and ripped from the headlines, Bang (Visions, book 2)showcases Lisa McMann's deft handling of characters and dialog.

Jules Demarco isn't seeing visions anymore...thankfully...but Sawyer--her brand new boyfriend--is. One shared kiss freed Jules and enslaved Sawyer. His new visions, and he's seeing them everywhere, are a school shooting. The trouble with the visions, however, is that they're not clear at first. Sawyer sees only the back of the shooter walking away and he sees bodies of the wounded. He doesn't have any other clues. Jules helps Sawyer by asking him questions and he's able to see more and more clues. They ask for Trey's help, too.

The Demarco/Angotti feud has been going on for years. Jules's family claims that Mr. Angotti stole a meatball recipe from them and has been using it to get rich. The Angottis have their own reasons for hating the Demarcos. Jules and Sawyer are caught in the middle of their families' ugly argument and like star-crossed young lovers Romeo and Juliet (Jules, haha!) things begin to heat up. As they do, Sawyer's visions become nearly deadly. If the teens don't locate which school the events take place, they won't be able to stop the shootings.

Recommended for fans of the series. It would be helpful (but not necessary) to read Crash (Book 1) first. Crash is suitable for middle school, but Bang is suitable for high school due to profanity, heavy petting, and violence. It's too bad, really, because those middle school readers who read book 1 will want to read book 2.

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