Saturday, September 28, 2013

Austin Teen Book Festival

I'm off to Austin for the Austin Teen Book Fair. More information and a list of authors.

It's huge attracting YA authors from around the country. We plan to see as many YA authors as possible. My daughter and I were able to get media badges and will be able to interview a couple of exciting authors. Then we plan to go on the Austin Duck Adventures. It's a tour that takes visitors all over downtown Austin including the capitol (in the background of the picture above) and the famous music venue, Sixth Street, where more musicians have been discovered that any place (well, almost), then the bus becomes a boat and takes tourists on Lake Austin! More information about the Duck tour

Later, we plan to eat at the world renowned Ruth's Chris Steak House. I've always wanted to eat there but never had the chance before. They are supposed to have the best steaks in the world. I will be the judge of that!

I'll post about the festival and all that was seen and heard upon our return.

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