Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Adult Humor Pick: People I Want to Punch in the Throat

People I Want To Punch in the Throat
by Jen Mann
Ballantine Books Trade Paperbacks
206 pages
ISBN: 9780345579839

Funny, bawdy, in-your-face, hysterical and manic, People I Want To Punch in the Throat is a welcome addition to chick-lit for the twenty/thirty/forty/ etc. and anyone who has ever been a mom set. Jen Mann does not take herself too seriously...herself or anyone else for that matter.

Mann makes suburban housewife drudgery comic. Referring to her kids as Gomer and Adolpha keeps their real names a  secret and it's pretty funny, too. She calls her husband Hubs and is jealous that he gets to leave the house for some alone time, but she always ends up having to take the kids with her. She yearns  to roam a grocery store all by herself without her kids having a cereal aisle meltdown or her husband taking things out of the cart in his penny pinching moves to save money.

Mann pokes fun at her neighbors and over-achieving mothers. She outs bling crafters and cupcake decorators and fashionista  moms who pick up their kids from school in designer attire. She thinks it's absolute insanity that these same moms overschedule their kids in every after school sport available and then complain about their kids' teachers who assign too much homework that interferes with their prodigy's future sports careers. It seems like every suburban family thinks they have the next Tiger Woods or Nadia. They don't seem to care to have the next Einstein or Steven Jobs. Sports, after all, is the better payday.

And the parties! These ladies throw parties for crazy reasons. There's the Half Year Birthday Party, The Almost Christmas Party, The It's a Monday Party and every kind of buy stuff you don't need party and Jen attends all of those. She is, after all, a successful realtor and needs connections to sell more houses. If she can meet fellow suburbanites, maybe she can sell them their next home.

It's no wonder, then, that these same perfect specimens pop pills "like Tic-Tacs." A few mother's little helpers and they can maintain that cool facade and keep up with the other manic overachievers.  Some will even share and trade their meds. Jen would just like a crash course to figure out which pill will make her bake awesome homemade brownies and keep her from forgetting to pick up her kids from school when they get out for a half day.

People I Want To Punch in the Face is the perfect read for laughs. Highly recommended for anyone who has ever raised a child or a husband.

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