Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Picture Book Pick: Glamourpuss

by Sarah Weeks
illustrations by David Small
Scholastic Press
40 pages
ISBN: 9780545609548

This beautiful cover will glitter off of the shelf. Glamourpuss has arrived and in high fashion, too!

Glamourpuss is a spoiled, coddled cat who lives in the lap of luxury with her millionaire "parents" in a huge mansion. She has her own diva-licious room complete with canopy bed. She eats at the dinner table off of china and crystal. Glamourpuss is much too fabulous to chase mice and instead of saying "Meow" like every other run of the mill cat, she says "ME!" She hasn't a care in the world...that is, until her owner's sister comes to visit from Houston with her spoiled little Chihuahua.

Bluebelle has a wardrobe! Imagine! A dog with a wardrobe. Not only that, she does tricks which the humans applaud. While Bluebelle is getting all the human affection, Glamourpuss begins to sulk, to slink, to become depressed and even begins to doubt herself. A funny turn of events causes the cat and dog to become friends and Glamourpuss learns to adapt.

Vocabulary is introduced with humor. Young readers will learn new words: "precious, dislike, haughty, disdain, luxury, descended, reclined, and extended" among many others.  Glamourpuss is one over-the-top diva who is all about her exterior and may remind even young readers of recent media celebrities.

Highly, highly recommended. Glamourpuss is one character you simply cannot miss and you will never forget! Age 3-up.

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  1. What a great cover! It sounds like a wonderful book. I have read MG books by Sarah Weeks, but didn't know she had a picture book. Thanks for sharing!