Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Halloween Pick: The Sweetest Witch Around

The Sweetest Witch Around
(a companion to the NY Times bestselling a Very Brave Witch)
by Alison McGhee
Illustrated by Herry Bliss
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
2014 (paperback edition 2015)
32 pages
ISBN: 9781442478336 (hardcover)
9781442478350 (paperback)
Also available as an Ebook

School Library Journal:

"Borrowing a few elements from comic books, the text consists exclusively of speech balloons...Full page ink and watercolor spreads contain some funny details, like 'Graveyard Barbie' or a can labeled, 'Slugs, Organic.''

My Review:

Sweet and wonderful, brimming with charm and humor, The Sweetest Witch Around is one sweet treat just in time for Halloween!

A pair of sisters discuss human behavior on Halloween. The older sister realizes that humans are not frightening--not at all as scary as the other witches fear. She thinks that she should introduce human behaviors to her younger sister. She introduces her younger sibling to something humans love: candy! And since it's Halloween, the younger sister decides she will go on an adventure to watch humans in their natural habitat and score some candy for herself.

The sisters with their funny, trusty cat in tow set off on broomstick to experience Halloween night. Humor abounds as humans encounter the trio. From a cat who says, "Holy whiskers," and "Holy catnip!" to  a bulging witch's hat full of candy to a flying broom to delighted Trick or Treaters who scream with joy to see the witches streaking across the night sky dumping their load of candy, this book is perfect for Halloween or anytime.

I loved the sweet sibling relationship of the older sister who takes it upon herself to educate her younger sister in the ways of humans and who tries to keep her safe. The cat is the perfect pet--nearly human himself. If you're out for Halloween this year, keep your eyes on the sky. You just might spot the sisters spying on human youngsters.

Highly, highly recommended for Halloween and anyone who loves a witch tale. Perfect for introducing Halloween and Trick or Treating.  Beginning readers.

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