Friday, October 16, 2015

Series Pick: Dark Days (Dead City, book 3)

Dark Days
(Dead City, Book 3)
by James Ponti
297 pages
ISBN: 9781481436366

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In this third installment of Dead City, Ponti exhibits an uncanny ability to channel teen voice and pun-y dialog.

Molly Bigelow is the kind of cool girl that other girls wish they were, the kind of pal guys want to hang out with and everyone (me, included) wants to have on their side when zombies strike. Funny, self-deprecating, a little shy, but also awesome and a fierce fighter, Molly is a protagonist teen readers will fall in love with!

Omega has been hobbled. Molly's mother is deep in hiding and the leader of the zombies, Marek Blackwell, is building an army of zombies. Not only that, the undead are growing stronger and Marek is building an underground zombie city. Molly is ordered to lay low and the Omegas are not to act.

Poor Molly. Poor, poor socially incompetent Molly. She is going crazy not doing anything, so you really can't blame her when she runs into a zombie by accident. Soon, the Omegas find clues and have to meet. The situation is serious and all hands are needed. Back in the action, Molly gets on Natalie's bad side, but once an Omega, always an Omega.

Ponti has great fun with dialog and jokes. Grayson points out that the state of New Jersey see the backside of the Statue of Liberty, and Alex quips, "Maybe they should put that on the license plate....New--Jersey--the Butt of Liberty."

Zombies have never been this much fun. Ponti's clever characters (Grayson, Alex) and the group's dynamic will keep teens intrigued. New York has never been more beautiful--even the zombies can't take away from the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Trinity Church, Wall Street, and other famous New York landmarks.

Highly, highly recommended. If you haven't read the series, what are you waiting for?

Grade 6-up. No profanity, just good, clean zombie fun.

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