Thursday, December 24, 2015

Early Reader Pick: I'm Trying To Love Spiders

I'm Trying To Love Spiders
by Bethany Barton
Illustrations by the author
32 pages
ISBN: 9780670016938

Whimsical and winsome, this little picture book is full of fun and facts about spiders. Even if you have arachnophobia, Barton offers many reasons to learn to love spiders. Did you know that the average spider eats about 75 pounds of bugs per year? Another fact that should make a difference: out of 40,000 species of spiders only two spiders are known to be poisonous enough to cause you pain or sickness: the black widow (female spider only) and the brown recluse.

Spiders are actually amazing little critters who get a bad rap. In fact, spiders can help farmers. Sometimes they are used to keep insects at bay and out of farmers' crops. The end papers feather interesting spiders like the assassin spider which preys only on other spiders and the diving bell spider who is able to practically live underwater.

Young readers will love colorful illustrations of spiders and the childlike whimsy and humor of the prose.

Recommended for young readers who love creepy crawlies!

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