Thursday, January 7, 2016

Extraordinary Pick: The Key to Extraordinary

The Key to Extraordinary
by Natalie Lloyd
Scholastic Press
240 pages
ISBN: 97805454552745

Available March 2016

Magical, extraordinary, quaint, rare, and shining, the Key to Extraordinary sings off the pages. Set in the mountain hollows lies an extraordinary village with an extraordinary restaurant run by a family of extraordinary individuals. Everyone in Emma's family has a Destiny Dream; she's still waiting for hers. In it, the dreamer dreams of what his/her destiny is to be. Emma knows Grandma Blue had a destiny dream; her mother had one, too. As Emma awaits her destiny, she reads the Book of Days where those who proceeded her recorded their own dreams.

There is magic in the town and among the dead in the graveyard. No amount of magic is going to help Emma's family who is  bound to lose their business unless they can find some! Emma dreams of solving the riddle of the Daisy song  and finding the conductor's treasure--a great treasure buried somewhere near the woods. Everyone is out  treasure hunting, but Emma is determined to find it first. With the help of a new arrival who never speaks and her best friend Cody Belle, Emma sets out to solve the mystery and save the family business.

Quirky, charming  and full of fun, The Key To Extraordinary is that rare book that is like bottled up magic. Open the book and see what I mean. This is a great middle grades read that will satisfy younger readers.

Highly recommended grade 4-up.

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  1. I can't wait to read this book! A Snicker of Magic was one of my favorite reads of 2015! :)