Monday, April 25, 2016

An Interview With Goldy Moldavsky, Author of Kill the Boy Band

I was lucky enough to sit down with Goldy Moldavsky, debut author of wildly entertaining and wickedly satirical Kill  the Boy Band at the Texas Library Convention in Houston, Texas. It was Goldy's first visit to Texas, but by the looks of her popularity and the book's sales, she will be callin' Texas her second home soon, ya'll. Welcome to Texas, Goldy!

I asked Goldy about her book, YA authors, charity and celebrity interviews.

P: Pamela (me)
G: Goldy (the one and only)

P: Since you interviewed celebrities in college, who is the most memorable and why?
G: I saw Katie Holmes, Amanda Bynes, Sarah Michelle Geller and Kristen Bell. The interview that is most memorable was Joaquin Phoenix. He was openly rude.

P: Who is the friendliest YA author you've met?
G: They are all so friendly, but I'd say Aimee Friedman who is sweet and Adam Silvera.

P:  Who is the funniest?
G: Libba Bray
P: I agree! So funny!

P: Who is the shyest?
G: Nicola Yoon

P: Kill the Boy Band is a funny look at the mania of fans. Do you think boy band enthusiasts will think it's funny? Or mean? Will they recognize themselves as behaving this way?
G: Those who read the book will find it funny if they have a sense of humor. It's about 50/50 for those who haven't read the book. Yes, (Laughs) they will recognize their behavior.

P. Your main character is never referred to by name, yet readers know the other girls' names. What was your motivation in not naming her?
G: I think she's a coward. She's telling the story but not telling on herself. She gives up her friends but not her own name.

P: You tweet inspirational quotes about writing. Do you do this for self-motivation? Or to motivate others?
G: Totally my own. I wouldn't know how to give any advice to others.

P: What is your favorite charity and why?
G: Chai Lifeline. It's a Jewish charity that provides summer camp for children who have cancer.

P: What one YA author do you admire?
G: Libba Bray

P: Name your top children's book of all time and why.
G: Do picture books count? (I nod yes) I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen. It makes me laugh every time I pick it up!

P: What is on your reading list now?
G: David Levithan (with Nina LaCour)  You Know Me Well, Jeff Strand's  A Bad Day for Voodoo and Two Summers by Aimee  Friedman

P: If you could give your 15 year old self advice about life, what would you say?
G: Be patient. Keep at it!

Thank you. Thank you. Goldy was an inspirational interview and person. You  radiated warmth and intelligence. I am your fan girl forever, Goldy. But not in a creepy way....

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