Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Romantic Travel Pick: Two Summers

Two Summers
by Aimee Friedman
368 pages
ISBN: 9780545520072

Sweet, upbeat (for the most part), fun, and entertaining, Two Summers will find its audience who long for a quick beach read. A fresh take on a parallel stories book. Summer Everett is excited to be going to France for the summer to see her absentee, somewhat famous painter father. He skipped out on Summer and her mother after being noticed by the art world. Summer's mother is less than optimistic to see her only child visit her father. Summer has conflicting emotions of whether she should stay home and watch while her  best friend Ruby falls in love or should she go into uncharted territory and visit her dream country France?  What if her mother is right? What if her father is less than thrilled to see her?

She opts for France. On the airline ramp, Summer's phone rings. It's nearly dead and she decides not to answer it. This one decision is the turning point of the book. It is the ring of an unanswered phone that seals the fate; it is the kismet that changes the outcome of each story. One story tells the story of Summer landing in France, finding her father's house, discovering his living situation and his absence (once again!), finding romance, following her mother's footsteps during her college years, seeing the same sights her mother saw, and learning that decisions made early in life have lasting repercussions.

The other story is the story of Summer staying home and seeing how a possible crush will play out. Either way, Summer will have to go through changes and make decisions. Family secrets are reveled that will change Summer forever.

A light, quick read for those long, hot dog days of summer. YA romance readers will be thrilled.

Highly recommended grade 8-up. Mature situations. Family drama.

FTC Required Disclaimer: I received the ARC from the publisher. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review.

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