Thursday, May 11, 2017

Early Reader Pick: Bently & egg

Bently & egg
by William Joyce
Illustrations by the author
Atheneum Books for Young Readers (Reissue edition)
original copyright 1992 (Harper Collins)
(The World of William Joyce series)
32 pages
ISBN: 9781481489492

Bently & egg is a story that should, no, MUST be shared with every young reader. It is that good!

A singing frog is asked by his best friend Kack Kack to egg sit so she can go to visit her sister who just had her own ducklings. Bently is not thrilled to watch an egg but agrees. He thinks the egg is silly and is so bored watching it until he paints it making it a piece of art. A boy comes to the garden and snatches the egg away thinking that the Easter Bunny must have left it. Bently is beside himself! He must get that egg back. It is his best friend's child and he promised to guard the egg with his life.

Bently is afraid of the house, but enters anyway in order to save the egg. Through a series of mishaps, Bently ends up outside atop a woman's Easter bonnet with his egg intact. He and the egg sneak away disguised as appetizers.

When Bentley returns to the  pond he sleeps and wakes up to a baby boy duckling. Kack Kack has returned and thanks Bently for his heroism in protecting her baby. It seems a gnat, a goldfish, a butterfly, a stuffed elephant, and a rabbit told Kack Kack of Bently's fierce courage and devotion. Bently closes the book with a song.

Beautiful illustrations capture Bently and his antics. Mother duck radiates from the pages. It is no wonder that this book has stood the test of time. This one is a true keeper.

Highly, highly recommended for all young readers. Recommended as an Easter story or an anytime story.

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