Friday, May 14, 2010

How To Make a Book Trailer--Images

Part Two: Images

1. Open Windows Moviemaker
2. click on file and choose "new project"
3. Search for your pictures. If you have them in a folder on your desktop, open the folder.
4. Import the pictures you want to use. Don't worry--you can add/subtract pictures any time before you publish the final product.
5. Your images will show up in a window called "collections"
6. When you have all your images imported, figure out which one will go first, second, third, and so on.
7. click on the first image. Drag and drop the image on the timeline below "collections "
8. Continue to drag and drop.
9. You can shuffle images by clicking on the image and dragging it where you want on the timeline.
10. I add the title of the book when I am ready to add the type.
11. Don't forget that you will have to cite where these images came from. You should have a word document that you've saved the citations on. (See blog May 12, 2010).
12. Your last pages will be citations.
13. You can view your project in timeline or storyboard. To switch from one to the other, simply go to the icons on the left of the "collections" window. It will say "show storyboard" or "show timeline" --click on it to change it.
14. To view your pictures in a "movie" click on the right arrow which is "play timeline."
15. To save your work at any time, go to File, save project as, name your project and save. This will save it in Moviemaker.
16. To reopen your project, go to Moviemaker, and open project.
Congratulations, you have the beginning of your book trailer!

Next blogpost, "Choosing and Adding Music."

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