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Monday, May 24, 2021

Graphic Novel Pick: Long Distance


Long Distance
by Whitney Gardner
Illustrations by the author
Simon  & Schuster Books for Young Readers 
320 pages
full color illustrations
ISBN: 9781534455665

Available June 29, 2021
simultaneous release both in hardcover and paperback

When twelve-year old Vega's family moves from Portland to Seattle, she's not happy. She's missing her life, her school and her best friend Hailey. The girls text and Facetime but it's not the same as being together. Fearing Hailey has replaced her already, Vega mopes around he house. Not even her telescope can calm her, so her parents decide to send her to summer camp to meet "new friends."

At the camp, Vega's phone quits working. Now she can't reach Hailey at all. She decides to write a real letter and send it, but she makes the mistake of not mailing it herself. It's hard to know who to trust as the camp gets stranger and stranger. 

Vega, Gemma and Querty discover speakers in rocks and worry who's watching them and why.The kids notice there's no birds or squirrels near the camp. Vega can't find the North Star or any stars because  clouds obscure the sky every night. Three friends in the woods at a camp they don't trust and strange things are happening to the sky. What could go wrong? 

You'll have to discover on your own and you won't expect the twists! My favorite character is Qwerty. Quirky, strange, funny, Long Distance is bound to be a big hit among graphic novel fans. 

Recommended ages ten and up. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Charming! Picture Book Gem: Secret, Secret Agent Guy


Secret, Secret Agent Guy

by Kira Bigwood

Illustrations by Celia Krampien 

Atheneum Books for Young Readers

Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division


32 pages

ISBN: 9781534469211

Simply charming and laugh out loud funny, Secret, Secret Agent Guy is a WINNER! Think Harriet the Spy, 007 and Inspector Gadget, and you'll understand. 

Secret, secret agent guy is prepared for his next mission: Operation Lollipop. He has everything he needs: a grappling hook, night vision goggles, a walkie talkie and even a "jet pack." As he sneaks around the house, he must avoid Mom and Dad and snatch the lollipop. 

Mom has sent a spy! Oh, no! Not that guy! Oh, yes, he's on the friendly side. As our agent escaped detection, he is bested by an opponent who's outsmarted him! Spy kids will love this book. 

For every kid who spies on the parents, every kid who searches for clues, every kid who walks around with a magnifying glass, every kid who writes in invisible ink, every kid with a spy coat or vest, every kid with binoculars or a telescope, Secret, Secret Agent Guy is their book! 

Charming, lively illustrations and rhyming text to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" make this an unforgettable read. This will be a bedtime favorite for generations.

Secret, Secret Agent Guy is the most fun, most entertaining, most creative picture book I've read this year and it will win awards! Get ready, Kira Bigwood and Celia Krampien, you have pulled off the BEST PICTURE BOOK OF THE YEAR! (and I'm always right). 

Highly, highly recommended. A MUST HAVE! 

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Great Fun! Chicken Little and the Big Bad Wolf


Chicken Little and the Big Bad Wolf

by Sam Wedelich

Illustrations by the author

Scholastic Press


40 pages

ISBN: 9781338359008

Chicken Little is the bravest little chicken in the barnyard. She's smart, scientific and well-read. When she meets the Big Bad Wolf, she realizes he's not scary, simply misunderstood. 

The other chickens in the coop want to fly the coop, but everyone knows chickens aren't the world's greatest flyers. Chicken Little decides to investigate why everyone is so afraid of he Wolf. She asks him if he's big and bad, and he assures her that he tries to be be a good person. He's actually a vegetarian, so there is no danger in him eating the chickens. 

Poor Wolf has nowhere to go. He doesn't fit in with his pack (being a vegetarian and all), so the chickens decide he can join them. They have a "pot-cluck" dinner to help welcome him. The message of inclusion and acceptance is delivered with humor and grace. 

Wonderfully captured with illustrations from the author and tongue-in "beak" writing, Chicken Little and the Big Bad Wolf is a must read for all littles. Parents will love its wit and word choices. 

Highly, highly recommended!