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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Middle Grade Pick: Caterpillar Summer

Caterpillar Summer
by Gillian McDunn
304 pages
ISBN: 9781681197432

Available: April 2, 2019

Caterpillar Summer captures a poignant and honest portrayal of a sibling relationship in which the older sibling must take on the parent role. Cat has never had time to be a kid. She's always taken care of special needs Chicken and talked him out of his "meltdowns." In fact, Cat is the only one who can control him. Chicken needs constant supervision as he is prone to wander off and get lost.

When the siblings have to spend three weeks with their grandparents for the first time in EVER, Cat finally has a summer where she can explore on her own. As she discovers more about the rift between her mother and her grandparents, Cat wonders why the adults can't just fix their differences. She may have to become the CATalyst to heal her own family.

A treasure for middle grade readers who love a story of family ties and sweet sibling relationships. This book is suitable for all school, One School, One Book reads and classroom reads. It would be a great choice for a summer reading book as well.

Recommended grade 4 (good readers), grade 5 and up.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Non-Fiction PIck: Even More Lesser Spotted Animals

Even More Lesser Spotted Animals: More Brilliant Beasts You Never Knew You Needed To Know About
by Martin Brown
David Fickling Books
56 pages
ISBN: 9781338349610

Available: July 30, 2019

Make room for unique and beautiful animals! Martin Brown has done it again! He's knocked it over the fence and out of the park with a brilliant cast of animal characters who will fascinate, educate and enamor children.

From rodents like the giant kangaroo rat to large mammals like the Syrian brown bear (who does not come from Syria at all,) kids will learn about each animal's ecosystem, status of the species (endangered, for example), diet and fun facts. Each animal comes to life in colorful illustrations by Brown. He captures each species' personality in facial expression and body movement or posture.

A title page in the front of the book directs readers to their favorite animals and the helpful glossary teaches new vocabulary terms for budding zoologists and animal fans.

Fans of animals and non-fiction readers will love this book. This book is a great pick for reluctant readers who are sure to find interesting facts and build reading skills. A MUST HAVE for all animal collections.

July is a long time to wait for this book to hit the shelves. Make sure this one goes on your to-order list.

HIghly, highly recommended grade 3 and up and all animal lovers.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Picture Book Pick: Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas

Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas
by Aaron Blabey
Illustrations by the author
Scholastic Press
ISBN: 9781338297133

From the author illustrator who charmed kids with Pig the Pug books, a new star is born!

Brian is a piranha with an unusual appetite for fruit. Other piranhas laugh at his odd diet and declare that piranhas don't eat fruit. He loves peas, silverbeets, bananas, but doesn't offer them any meat. They tell him they'd rather eat feet or bum!

Children will laugh out loud at clever illustrations and cute, quirky prose. Sure to be a childhood favorite read and will appeal to kids who love odd creatures and sea creatures. Brian is one cool piranha!

Highly, highly recommended for all early readers. Quite the fun read!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Picture Book Pick: All Your Need Is Love (Beatles' song)

All You Need is Love
by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
Illustrations by Marc Rosenthal
Little Simon
40 pages
ISBN: 9781534429819

Beatles iconic tune "All You Need Is Love" finds a new, much (MUCH) younger audience with early readers in this adorable picture book illustrated by Marc Rosenthal.

A bear emerges from hibernation to hear a bird singing "All You Need Is Love." Enchanted by the bird's song, he follows the little blue bird. As they travel into the city, other animals follow the bird and soon a parade of animals and a boy follow the bird sharing their message with those they meet. An explosion of color and art on the final pages make a city park come to life with love and humanity.

Masterfully realized on the page, the bear will be a children's favorite.

Simply beautiful! Buy this for all the kids you love! Grandparents (Beatles' fans) will have to have this book to share their youth with their grandchildren.

Highly recommended for early readers and their parents and grandparents.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Picture Book Pick: Not Your Nest!

Not Your Nest!
by Gideon Sterer
Illustrations by Andrea Tsurumi
Dial Books for Young Readers
40 pages
ISBN: 9781534429819

An industrious yellow bird builds a lovely nest for herself and is proud of her accomplishments. When she's finally ready to rest and enjoy her hard work, she finds other animals are just as pleased with her beautiful nest.

She is surprised when a  zebra (on the cover), a larger bird, a brush hog, a giraffe, a gorilla, a crocodile and other animals loungevin her nest. She moves on--building nest after nest until the tree breaks and the animals have to find another place to rest.

They are happy to share their nest with the sweet bird who took them in.

Young readers will laugh out loud at the animals' pushiness to "share" the bird's nest. Illustrations by Tsurumi are hysterical and capture each animal's personality and emotions.

Likely to become a bedtime favorite, kids will love to name all the animals they encounter. This is a must have for any young reader. Cutest book of the year!

Highly recommended for all preschool readers and animal lovers.