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Monday, June 14, 2021

MG Pick: Better With Butter

Better With Butter

by Victoria Piontek

Scholastic Press


320 pages

ISBN: 9781338662207

Twelve-year old Marvel has anxiety disorder and you name it, she's afraid of it or anxious about it. When she freezes up onstage, she becomes the laughing stock of her entire school. She tried to tell her mom she couldn't do it, but Mom sent her to school anyway. Now the brunt of jokes and terrorized by mean eighth grade boys, Marvel is afraid to walk home alone. 

She sees the mean boys standing around something and forgets to be afraid. The boys are scaring a baby goat. Each time they do, the goat faints and they laugh. Marvel forgets to be afraid and stands up to the boys, rushing in to comfort the poor creature and warning the bullies off. Marvel doesn't know where her bravery came from, but she knows the goat needs her and she needs the goat. She names her Butter and takes her home. 

Her mother doesn't want a pet goat, but when her dad comes home from the military, he sees that Butter is a good therapy pet for Marvel and builds an enclosure for her. Mom insists Marvel try to find Butter's owner. As girl and goat form an unbreakable bond, Marvel's anxiety disappears. With Butter, anything is possible, but someone answers Marvel's lost pet ad. 

Marvel may have to face the future alone and she's terrified. Readers will love Marvel and her voice! She's more feisty than she thinks she is, and readers will notice her strength even when she does not. 

Highly, highly recommended grades 3-7. A feel great book about the power of pets and love and overcoming anxiety. 

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Inspiring Pick: 1000 Timeless Quotes: The Thoughts of 1000 People


1000 Timeless Quotes: The Thoughts of 1000 People

compiled by Elizabeth Hamm



172 pages

ISBN: 9781098357016

Inspirational quotes to make readers pause, consider, ponder and think. What could be a better gift for a new graduate or a child going off the college or off to another state or country? This useful quote book has an eclectic collection of quotes from people in a wide variety of fields, from all parts of the world and over centuries of time. Opening with Horace, "Seize the day," the reader knows they are in for a great book of life lessons and wisdom. 

Quotes include those from astronauts, scientists, philosophers, teachers, religious figures, emperors, heads of state, geniuses, critics, humorists and artists can become talking points for any group setting be it book club, classroom, or even religious meeting. 

"No one was ever wise by chance..." Seneca

Imagine what a great science teacher or philosophy teacher could do with that quote! 

Highly, highly recommended as a daily inspirational book. 1000 quotes, 1 to ponder each day, gives the reader 1000 days of great thoughts. A brilliant book for teaching and learning. Grades 6 and up and thoughtful younger children can think about the easier ideas. Excellent for meeting starter or starting your day with a new thought.