Monday, September 13, 2010

It's a Girl Thing

Sweet Treats & Secret Crushes
Sweet Treats & Secret Crushes
by Lisa Greenwald
Amulet Books, 2010
291 pages.

Three friends find out how important being a true friend is when a blizzard keeps them standed inside their apartment building on Valentine's Day. The largest blizzard to hit New York City in twenty years threatens to ruin the big day unless Olivia, Kate and Georgia can figure out a way to keep busy, make friends, spread cheer among the apartment tenants, and exchange valentines with each of their "boyfriends."

Georgia Chen has the answer. Her family owns the Chinese restaurant on the ground floor. Chen's has been known for its lavish Valentine's Day dinners in the past, but the blizzard threatens not only to close them down for the day, but their prepared food will go to waste. The girls agree to write fortunes and make fortune cookies. The plan is to distribute them to the tenants of the building. Only Olivia knows that the fortune cookies from Chen's actually do foretell a person's future fortune. She has a plan to give the best cookies to the people who really need them.

The author's previous book My Life in Pink and Green was a crowd pleaser. Girls who liked The Teashop Girls or Coffeehouse Angel will probably like this novel. Recommended for grades 5-8.

FTC Required Disclaimer: I got the ARC from the publisher. I received no monetary compensation for my review and was not influenced by the publisher in any way.

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