Friday, February 18, 2011


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by Rebecca Lim
Hyperion (Disney), 2011
288 pages

Book Available May 2011

What if you always woke up in another place, in someone else's skin, in someone else's world but with your own thoughts intact? You know nothing about the person whose body you have hijacked--nothing about their history, their thoughts, dreams, emotions, likes or dislikes. Mercy has no idea of who or what she is; only that she has certain strange powers--super-human strength, the ability to disguise her voice and use others' voices, the ability to blend in, the ability to start fires, and the ability to get even.

When Mercy finds herself on a bus bound for Paradise, yeah, no kidding, the small town of Paradise, she inhabits the body of Carmen, a slight girl with terrible, itchy skin, who is the brunt of bullying from the other more popular girls. The girls are in town for a choir concert with two other schools and are housed in town residences. Mercy is unlucky enough to be the guest of Stewart and Louisa Daley and their son Ryan. Life is tough for the Daley's since their daughter Lauren went missing. Carmen soon finds that Ryan hasn't stopped looking for his sister.

Mercy searches for her own past in her dreams where she meets Luc, a beautiful, yet terrible man who haunts her nights. Only Luc has the answers that Mercy seeks.

Dark, gripping, and convincingly told, Mercy is a paranormal book without vampires--finally. For readers who like paranormal and a little romance, Mercy is the answer.

Book Available May 2011.

Recommended for high school collections. Not recommended for middle school due to mature subject matter.

FTC Required Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. I did not receive monetary compensation for my review.

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