Monday, March 28, 2011

High School Pick-Held

by Edeet Ravel
Annick Press, 2011
248 pages

When seventeen year old Chloe travels to Greece with her best friend Angie to work for a volunteer program, they are excited to see the sights. One morning, Chloe ventures off to see the Nemesis Temple on her own and stops by the road for lunch outdoors. This is the perfect opportunity for someone to attack her. She is drugged, gagged and taken prisoner. Even though she can't see her attacker, she keeps her wits about her and tries to learn all she can about where she is being taken.

When the drug wears off, Chloe finds herself in an abandoned warehouse. It's dirty and bug-infested but there is a shower and a toilet. She has a cramped bed and a small refrigerator. Her kidnapper brings her nourishing and tasty food. He admits that he himself has prepared this food for her. She finds herself interested in this strange older guy. He doesn't seem like a criminal; in any other circumstances, he would probably be a nice guy.

As the days and weeks pass, Chloe longs for home or even some word of home. She tries everything to get more than just a brief message to her mother. It appears that Chloe is being held as leverage; her kidnapper wants the U.S. to free a political prisoner for Chloe's safe return.

Having contact with only one other human and being in constant fear can make a person feel feelings that are not natural. The Stockholm Syndrome is known to exist in kidnapper/prisoner relationships. As the prisoner relies on the kidnapper for existance, the prisoner begins to develop deep feelings for her kidnapper. Is this love? Or is it the Stockholm Syndrome?

When Chloe finally escapes her nightmare, will she be free?

Clever, compelling, and consistant, Held delivers a touching story about a girl in a bad situation and a guy who probably could have been a good guy under the right circumstances.

Highly recommended for grades 9-up. Some sex, adult situations.

FTC Required Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review.

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