Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Book Giveaway Winners Announced!

Two recent giveaways of Forbidden and Notes From the Blender winners have been notified. I like to share first names, first initial of the last name (for privacy reasons) and location of winners--just to show that everyone has a chance of winning.

Winners of Forbidden:

Heidi Z. of Stoughton, Wisconsin
Olivia G. of Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Valerie F. of Northglen, Colorado
Susan N. of Boise, Idaho
Susan L. of Wisconsin

Winners of Notes From the Blender:

Jenn B. of Columbia City, Indiana
Kristine W. of Los Angeles, California
Lynne M. of Ventura, California
Jackie K. of Fredricksburg, Virginia
Sindy C. of Rochester, New York

Congratulations winners!

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