Monday, March 5, 2012

Paranormal Pick: Life Eternal (A Dead Beautiful Novel)

Life Eternal (book 2, Dead Beautiful series)
by Yvonne Woon
416 pages

Hauntingly beautiful, beguilingly romantic, and creepily compelling, Life Eternal is the second book in the Dead Beautiful series and continues the story of Renee and Dante, two young people who are destined to love eternally.

Renee Winters' parents were murdered over a year ago by the Undead, and Renee now lives with her grandfather and studies to be a Monitor, a select group who keeps tabs on the Undead and releases them (buries them) so that they can not kill or harm humans. The Monitor society is secretive and must keep its secrets hidden from the Undead and humans.

When beloved Professor Annette LaBarge is murdered on Lake Erie, the Gottfried Academy closes its doors and Renee must now attend Lycee St. Clement in Montreal for Monitor training. Renee begins having strange dreams and visions and senses that Dante is nearby. Since they kept each other alive (in book one, Dead Beautiful), Dante and Renee share parts of the same soul. Although Dante is Undead, Renee died and apparently came back to life; her classmates whisper that she may have immortality and now is neither human nor Undead.

Renee searches for a way to keep Dante alive and comes across the legend of the Nine Sisters, a group of Monitors who might have discovered the secret of eternal life. The closer Renee gets to the answers, the more dangerous it becomes. An old Russian medium warns her that if she searches for these answers, it will end in life and death.

Two classmates--Anya and Noah--help her try to figure out the sisters' riddle. Renee's parents and Miss LaBarge were all looking for the secret before they were killed.

What does the riddle mean? Is it the secret to eternal life? Will it save Dante? Can their love be everlasting and eternal?

Paranormal fans and readers who loved Twilight and Shiver will devour the Dead Beautiful series.

Highly recommended grades 7-up. No language. Kissing and hugging. No sex.

FTC Required Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review.

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  1. Sounds like a clean, beautiful romance! Love that cover - all those ethereal blues & whites is so eye catching :)