Monday, April 2, 2012

Girl Pick: Being Friends With Boys

Being Friends With Boys
by Terra Elan McVoy
Simon Pulse
368 pages

Available May 1, 2012 (publication date and page count from the publisher's webpage)

Charlotte is just one of the guys--the boys in the band treat her just like she is their sister. She's the manager of Sad Jackal, an up and coming band that consists of two of her best friends Oliver and Trip. It's been a bad year for Charlotte--first her sister Jilly goes off the college leaving her with her two fueding step-sisters for entertainment, then her only female friend becomes besties with other girls, Trip quits the band and Oliver and Charlotte scramble to find a replacement for him. Charlotte's not doing well in school either. She's barely scraping by in her classes and jumps at the chance to share notes with Benji--a guy who sits near her in class. Trip warns her to stay away from Benji, but of course, she doesn't listen.

Even a girl who tries not to be entangled in romance sometimes doesn't escape it. Charlotte finds herself strangely attracted to Benji, longing for things to be back to normal with her best friend Trip, and crushing on Oliver and new bandmate Fabian.

Charlotte is a likeable character--though confused most of the time. Girls who like romance and music will love this book. Many minor characters confuse the plot somewhat and the novel bogged down in the middle but picked up nicely at the end for the performance of a lifetime. The girl gets the guy and the guy who has been there all along ends up the winner.

Recommended for romance collections grades 9-up. Mature situations, alcohol, partying.

FTC Required Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review.

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