Friday, May 25, 2012

Once (Eve trilogy, book #2)
by Anna Carey
Alloy (Harper)
368 pages

Available July 3, 2012

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Just in time for the 4th of July and colorful, brilliant fireworks displays, Once riotously explodes onto the ya teen scene. Readers may remember that at the end of book one, Eve had entered a safe haven in Califia and Caleb was turned away--no men are allowed. They are forced to separate to keep Eve safe; the King and his soldiers are searching for her still.

Eve finds safety and work in the little settlement of women, but then hears a rumor that Caleb might be hiding somewhere nearby and that he's hurt. Arden and Eve run from the "safety" of the women with Heddy, Arden's adopted dog. They find Caleb and then they find trouble. I can take a lot of things as a reader: vampires, zombies, blood, and tons of gore, but don't you dare make a dog suffer and don't ever kill a dog! Heddy is killed by the men who take Arden and Eve prisoner.

The soldiers take Eve to the City of Sand (Las Vegas) where she appears before the King. (I can't give you details here--it's a HUGE SURPRISE! If I shared the details, it's a HUGE SPOILER!) I will say I didn't see this plot twist coming. Anna Carey, that was way out of left field!--but also way cool.

The reader finds out that the Plague nearly toppled civilization and if not for the King, humanity would have ceased to exist. The King has restored elecricity, oil, water, gas, and cars are on the road. The City of Sand is thriving he explains to Eve. She doesn't want to hear all the great things the new regime has done; she remembers all her friends pushed into a life of slavery--kept prisoner and forced to produce the regime's offspring. They can't even keep their own children; the children are taken from them and offered to the wealthy for adoption. Eve longs to escape the City of Sand.

In the second book, I feel more empathy for Eve--she's grown up a bit and seems to have more compassion for others. She tries to help her friends and is overcome with sadness for their plight. She begs the King for mercy to no avail. The King lies to her and forces her into a marriage of convenience. Eve and Caleb have no future together, but Eve gains a secret new ally in the palace. One note here: I didn't feel as much empathy for Caleb--he seemed very one-dimentional--readers will not get to know his personality.

Book three will be eagerly anticiapted for Eve fans. Will Eve ever be able to escape the King and topple his kingdom? Will Caleb ever go free?

Highly, highly recommended for dystopian romance fans and everyone who has read book one. If you haven't read book one, be sure you read it first.

Grades 9-up. You make the choice if you want it for grade 8--Caleb and Eve spend the night together--no graphic details. Women are baby machines. The King and his soldiers are quite sadistic; Caleb suffers a great deal. A dog is killed.

FTC Required Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review.

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  1. I loved Eve! It was my favorite read of November!