Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Paranormal Series Pick: Raised by Wolves, Trial by Fire, Taken by Storm

Raised by Wolves (2010) 418 pages
Trial by Fire (2011) 357 pages
Taken by Storm (2012) 314 pages
By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I can’t believe I almost missed this series! It wasn’t until the publication of book 3, Taken by Storm, that I heard increasing buzz over Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ paranormal romance series; now I’m a rabid (ha, ha, pun intended), avid fan of Bryn and her pack of strays. You won’t want to miss this exciting series.

In book 1, Raised by Wolves, Bryn is orphaned when a Rabid kills her parents. An alpha male saves Bryn and allows Ali to raise Bryn as her own daughter. Bryn grows up human but “raised by wolves.” She begins to feel the pack’s mentality, strength, and sense their thoughts and wild desires. Callum, the pack’s Alpha, promises to keep her safe no matter what.

When Bryn disobeys Callum and discovers a teen Were who’s been turned by a rogue wolf, memories of that bloody attack on her parents begin to haunt Bryn. Chase and Bryn are too much alike, and soon they are sharing thoughts without needing to speak them aloud. The man who turned Chase is the same man who killed Bryn’s parents and now he’s after her.

Bryn needs Chase’s help to save newly turned werewolves; when she does, she becomes the pack’s alpha. She can’t go home because she is home for all new, young wolves. Callum has a strong bond with Bryn, but from this day forward she is in charge of her own problems.

Trail by Fire (book 2) continues this fascinating story. In fact, the second book is my favorite. I could not stop reading once I turned the first page. Fair warning: don't open this book unless you have a few hours to read it cover to cover!

Old enemies deliver strange packages and send cryptic messages. When a teen wolf shows up broken and bleeding and between shifting back to his human form, Bryn knows it is the work of Shay, her arch-rival and Alpha male of another pack. He’s been gunning for Bryn for a long time, and she knows she will have to face him and defeat him if she is to keep her own pack safe and free.

New characters are introduced and new threats move into the pack’s sphere—a threat that may take them all down.

Taken By Storm is a brilliant tour de force! Bryn continues to fight off enemies and comes into her own as a leader. She remembers the lessons Callum has taught her and tries to emulate his energy and wisdom in tough situations. Byrn’s pack is in danger—wolf females are rare and Bryn’s pack is mostly female and weaker than the other large packs. She will need help to defend them. In order to survive and defeat her strongest foes, Bryn must decide to pay the ultimate price to save her pack.

Brilliantly conceived, masterful storytelling, a deft hand that controls a taut and thrilling plot, and simmering passion and tension between the main characters makes this series the most compelling paranormal series in recent memory. Barnes manages to make me believe in werewolves and long for their pack mentality. Bryn is a strong female protagonist who chooses to save her pack no matter the threat to herself. Readers will devour this series and growl for more!

Highly, highly recommended grades 7-up with this warning: book 1 is harmless, books 2 and 3 talk more about mating. Chase and Bryn begin to spend the nights together. Also, when a human changes from wolf back to human, he/she is naked. No details about anatomy though. No language. Book 3 has one example of language.

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  12. My avid readers love series and they love paranormal plot lines. These would be perfect in my library. With virtually no book budget this year, a new series would be welcome!

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  18. I just had my first request for these books in my high school library this week. One of my "stops in once a week to tell Mrs Mathu what she's reading" patrons just requested the second book. And we don't even have the first book!

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    Our students are really getting into this genre! They sound great and I know they would love them.

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  33. Man I wish I had seen this giveaway earlier! I just finished Raised by Wolves and agree that this series is not one you want to pass up. I'm beating myself up for missing this giveaway!

  34. Sorry you missed it, Wendy! Stay tuned . Great giveaway coming soon:) Pamela