Monday, October 22, 2012

Early Reader Pick: Waking Dragons

Waking Dragons
Jane Yolen
Paintings by Derek Anderson
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
32 pages

Available October 23, 2012

Quaint, clever, and oh-so-cute Waking Dragons proves Jane Yolen can do anything! Illustrations by Derek Anderson are whimsical and colorful exploding with fire-breathing dragon energy on every two page spread. Dragons take up each spread with not an ounce of wasted space.

Mom leaves her little knight a note to wake the dragons before school, and the young boy wakes them and helps them get ready for their day. The rhyming by Yolen is spot-on and cute. Even when the words don't actually rhyme, Yolen throws in another syllable to make it quirky and get young (and older) readers to smile at the whimsy, "Wipe their faces, runny noses, get into their outdoor clothes-es."

The boy and his favorite dog catch a ride to school on the backs of their dragon roommates, and the dragons, "...get to fly. And fly. And fly." as the boy waves good-bye and takes his backpack up the steps of the school.

This clever picture book is right in time for Christmas gifts and stockings. What child wouldn't want a great dragon book? This will appeal to all ages, boys and girls, who love a great dragon tail (pun intended).

The cover will welcome hordes of young dragon fans and even the endsheets have a smart dragon fire design. The publishers really hit this one out of the park with its delightful packaging.

Oh-so-highly recommended. This is a must-have! Early readers and all ages.

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