Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Early Reader Pick: I Loathe You

I Loathe You
By David Slonim
Illustrations by the author
24 pages

Hilarious and creepy monsters play a back and forth game of who loathes who the most. Big Monster claims he loathes Little Monster, “…more than chicken pox, more than stinky, sweaty socks. More than garbage in a dump or splinters sticking in my rump.”

Little Monster proclaims, “I loathe you more than bellyaches!”

Their funny banter and rude insults make them both all the more lovable for

any little monster…er, reader. Kids with a great sense of humor will adore the Monsters and their antics. Playful illustrations of Little Monster finally taking a bath and losing his fleas will have young readers laughing. Little Monster worries what if someday he might lose his stink? Would Big Monster still loathe him? Of course he would!

Highly recommended for young readers age 4-up.

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