Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tween Pick: My Summer of Pink & Green (sequel)

My Summer of Pink and Green
by Lisa Greenwald
272 pages
Available May 7, 2013

Lucy Desberg is back and now she’s helping her family open an eco-friendly green day spa inside their pharmacy. At the end of the first book My Life in Pink & Green, Lucy just won a grant that will finance the spa idea and save her family’s business. She’s happy it’s summer because her sister Claudia is due home from college and Lucy is looking forward to spending hours at the pool with her cool sis. When Claudia shows up with boyfriend Bean and announces that they are in love, Lucy is jealous and hurt. She thought she had the whole summer with Claudia to herself.

The spa was Lucy’s idea, but her grandmother and mother hire a consultant to help them open the spa. Lucy feels underappreciated by her elders and sister. Then Lucy is left out when some close friends begin making plans excluding her. What is going on? The last straw is when investor Gary shows up with his pesky, but earnest daughter Bevin. The summer is going down the tubes, and fast!

It seems the grown-ups don’t give Lucy any credit or want to hear any of her fab ideas. If Anais, the spa consultant, would only listen, Lucy has great ideas for make-overs and make-up. Lucy can set up scheduling and check emails and track new appointments. Lucy can come up with great marketing ideas like giving free two minute massages at the Grand Opening. She says they can pass out samples of make-up and product. No one seems to listen.

Lucy secretly attends a meeting for new business owners at a nearby library. She is serious about learning all she can about business to help her family; even if it means sneaking around behind their backs. The spa finally opens with a full house, Lucy is able to make a few apologies and reach out to people she’s been short with, and old friend Yamir is pleased that Lucy is back to normal.

This tween novel will resonate with any reader who is caught in the middle between being treated like a child, but experiencing the changes and angst of puberty.

Recommended for tweens and teens (grade 5-up) and anyone who loves make-up and spa treatments. Fans of the first book will want to pick up this read.

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