Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ghostly Pick: Girl Meets Ghost

Girl Meets Ghost (Book 1)
by Lauren Barnholdt
213 pages

Clever, quirky, and cute, Girl Meets Ghost is a surefire way to begin a series (this being book 1). Girls will love Kendall--she's feisty but fun, grouchy but gossipy, complaining but comic, and she will keep tween readers entertained.

Kendall sees ghosts! Not only that, they can communicate with her and she helps them to move on. While ghost whispering sounds like a cool gift to possess, actually it is quite annoying, at least for Kendall. When she's trying to concentrate in math class--not her greatest subject, by the way--she sees a cute girl in a gymnast suit. A blond--of course--cute--of course--and a ghost--of course--who won't leave Kendall alone until Kendall agrees to help her.

Kendall and her bestie Ellie are excited about having a real boyfriend this year. Kendall likes Brandon and Ellie is crushing on Kyle. Kendall plots a way to spend time with Brandon--ask him to tutor her in math--it is his best subject, after all. He agrees and brings along Kyle and Ellie. Instead of the library, the kids take a city bus to the mall. Kendall did tell her father she was studying after school; she just didn't say it was at the mall! Her father is furious when he catches her at the mall with a boy!

The gymnast ghost Daniella wants Kendall to figure out why she can't pass on, but Daniella doesn't really know any details and until she remembers, she is an irritating presence. Soon, Kendall sees a second scary ghost--an older woman who appears menacing.

How is Kendall supposed to help Daniella and try to start a romance with Brendon? Ghosts keep getting in her way, and Kendall is sick of it.

Recommended grade 5-up. This is a fun tween pick.

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