Thursday, February 28, 2013

Middle School Pick: Cloneward Bound (The Clone Chronicles, Book 2)

Cloneward Bound (The Clone Chronicles, book 2)
by M.E. Castle
259 pages

Fisher Bas is worried; the government is questioning his scientist mother about how an ounce  of her growth hormone is unaccounted for, and Fisher knows it's only a matter of time before someone realizes that he is the one to blame. You see, Fisher heisted the hormone and created a clone of himself that he names "Two."

That 's not the only problem. Two is on the lam in Hollywood looking for his mother and Fisher is worried someone might connect the dots and find out their secret. Amanda Cantrall is already breathing down Fisher's neck, so he finally tells her about Two's existence. Lucky for Fisher, his class is taking a field trip to Hollywood to visit the set of "Strange Science." Fisher wants to use this opportunity to look for Two and get him back under control.

As the kids board the bus, Fisher offers this random  thought, "School bus' is the normally used term because "asylum on wheels" is considered impolite"---from the personal notes of Fisher Bas. Readers will enjoy Fisher's dry wit and sarcasm; the author has a great ear for teen dialog and snarky comments.

Fisher and Amanda close in on Two, but they fear someone is following them. If their secret gets out, Fisher's in big trouble and no telling what will happen to Two. The kids have their hands full of crazy Hollywood types, pushy "stars," and an evil mad scientist, Dr. X.

Will the kids be able to save Two and escape Hollywood? Who is following them and why? Can Two ever lead a "normal" life? Will Fisher be able to clear his mother's name?

Readers who like a good laugh and a some kooky science will love Cloneward Bound. You really don't have to read book 1 to understand the action, but why would you miss it? It is such a treat to read both of M.E. Castle's kid-friendly books.

Highly recommended for fans of the series and kids who have a great sense of humor. Grade 5-up.

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