Thursday, February 28, 2013

Paranormal Pick: The Prey (book 2)

The Prey
by Andrew Fukuda
St. Martin's Griffin
322 pages

Disturbing, dark, dystopian, and dangerous, The Prey picks up the action where The Hunt left off. Andrew Fukuda sure  knows how to tell a story--his deft prose and sense of timing heighten the reader's excitement as Gene and Sissy struggle to uncover secrets about Gene's father and the new village they are being kept "prisoner" in.

The Mission tells its members that their rules are for the good of everyone, but Gene and Sissy sense something completely sinister in the Mission's rules and its stanglehold on the girls of the village. Except for a few chubby male elders, there aren't any men or boys in the village--just very young children. The girls walk around singing and smiling but Sissy finds out it's because they fear for own well being and lives.

After excaping ravenous and ferocious hepers down a river and riding a waterfall, Gene and the kids end up in an underwater cavern. They are able to climb out of it and discover an old cabin. A strange girl  appears and takes them to the Mission.

The elders keep asking Gene for the Origin, the cure for the hepers that the scientist ( Gene's father) was working on all those years. Gene honestly doesn't know what they're talking about. The days pass, and Gene and Sissy start uncovering all sorts of clues. They finally confront Krugman, the leader of the Mission.  He tells them that a train brings in all the Mission's supplies and that the same train will take them to the Promised Land. Gene and Sissy think it's a trap, and they need answers right now. They search the scientist's workshop hoping to find something...anything....

With conflicting stories: one story goes that there's  a promise of a land of milk and honey just at the end otf the train ride; the other story is that the train will travel right into the belly of the beast. Do the kids dare get on the train? Where does the train take them? To Paradise? Or to the Heper Palace where humans are raised as meat for the Ruler? If Paradise waits at the end of the ride, why didn't Gene's father get on the train? And why would his father kill himself instead of getting on a train bound for Paradise?

Non-stop action and fierce fight scenes hurtle the reader to the riveting ending. Can any of us really wait until September 2013 to read book 3? I want to read it now!

Highly, highly recommended for fans of paranormal grade 7-up. No language. Some fighting. Sissy is searched and branded. The girls of the mission are basically like breeding cows, but no details. If you have The Hunger Games and other YA titles similar, The Prey is a title for you.

FTC Required Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review.

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