Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Picture Puzzles Pick: Can You See What I See

Can You See What I See? Out Of This World
by Walter Wick
Design and photography by the author
Cartwheel Books
40  pages

What happens when a time traveling space alien lands in a castle's courtyard? Photographer and author Walter Wick imagines the two worlds colliding in his latest offering of Can You See What I See? Out Of This World. Truly imaginative, colorfully playful, and beautifully captured,  this picture puzzle book will delight readers of all ages. The publisher's website recommends grade K-3, but children (and adults) of all ages will have hours of fun solving  each puzzle.

Each two page spread captures the kingdom and its beautiful princess. The princess wakes in her magnificent boudoir, slips past a sleeping palace guard and goes to an upstairs room to read her fortune. The princess sees a robot man staring back at her. The kingdom welcomes the visitor from the future and entertains him at a banquet. The toys in the playroom are quiet and everyone turns in for the night.

Walter Wick continues to charm with his unique craft. His highly imagined photo sets are sure  winners. Any fan of Wick's I Spy books or his earlier offerings of Can You See What I See books will love the latest.

Highly, highly recommended all ages. This book can also be used to teach aspects of art and photography: lighting, shading, set design, object placement, symmetry, and arrangement. Parents and grandparents, this is a great gift idea for birthdays or any other special occasion for children who love seek and finds.

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  1. I love the I Spy books! This one looks fabulous!

    Kim, Topeka, KS kpatton@usd345.com

  2. Kathy, Clarksville, TN, kjj422@gmail.com

    Our students would love this book!