Monday, May 20, 2013

Early Reader Pick: Where's the Scone

Where's the Scone
by Beth Dexter-Smith
Illustrated by Calvin Innes
My Little Big Town Ltd
32 pages
ISBN: 978-1-907746-13-0

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Simply charming text, quaint rhyming verse, and adorable animal illustrations make Where's the Scone an imaginative counting book for young learners.

The author wisely chose unique animals: llamas, bream, yeti and gnu to eat equally unique foods: tofu, scones and prunes. American children may not have ever heard of or tasted tofu or prunes. Scones are not usually a part of the American diet, but hail originally from Scotland and are as common to the British as biscuits are to Americans. Young children will encounter bream (a type of fish), gnu (also known as the wildebeest), and yeti (abominable snowman) for the first time.

The illustrations are clever, colorful and quirky and the rhyming text is creative and innovative. Consider "6 gnu tasting tofu/ 5 Yeti sucking spaghetti..." and you know that children will giggle as they learn.

Where's the Scone will have wide appeal with young learners and toddlers learning to count.

Highly recommended ages 1-up. Available from the publisher and other fine booksellers.

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  1. This sounds so cute. I'm going to order it for my grandson.
    Thanks for all your reviews