Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Riveting Thriller Pick: Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct
by S.E. Green
Simon Pulse
272 pages
ISBN: 9781481402859

Available May 6, 2014

Disturbing, dark, and deadly, Killer Instinct will leave readers breathless. This is one YA novel that you will never forget.

"Everyone has a dark side," says the cover, and you better believe it! Part "Dexter," part crime study, part thriller, part YA/adult, Killer Instinct crosses the line between  teen and adult fiction.

 I was riveted From the first line, "I study serial killers."  Lane is a typical high school girl, quiet, kind of shy, preferring to keep to herself. She is fascinated by crime and criminals and makes it a habit of visiting the courtroom for trials that interest her--the worse the crime, the better.

When she watches a rapist walk free, Lane decides to put her plan in action. She knows he is guilty; she will make sure he receives justice--from her own hand. Lane studies the Weasel (that's her pet nickname for him), his comings and goings, and she follows him and gets to know him. When she realizes he's ready to strike again, she gets ready to take him down.

With FBI director mother and FBI agent step-dad, Lane is very careful not to get caught. She barely covers her tracks, but she gloats in her success. Lane is thrilled when a serial killer seems to be practicing his craft in her city. She studies everything she can. She sneaks in to her mother's study and  secretly looks at the case files; she installs a nanny cam in her mother's study to listen in on phone calls.

At first, Lane is fascinated, but when the killer contacts her, Lane is afraid--afraid and fascinated.  A long ago secret surfaces from Lane's past, and her mother begins to reveal details about her father that she never knew. Could her past have something to do with the killer?

Lane is forced into action when her friend Zach is in danger. She won't be able to cover her tracks, but she might be able to save Zach. What will happen when Lane comes face to face with the real killer? Will she make him pay? Or will her  fascination take over?

At first, I wasn't sure I would have empathy for Lane. She seemed cold and distant--either a sociopath or a killer-- but once  I got to know about her past, I empathized with her. She is broken and damaged, but can be whole again...some day.

Highly, highly recommended for readers who like a thrilling read and riveting plot. 

Grade 9-up. NOT for middle school. Violence. Mature subject matter.

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