Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Trilogy Pick: The Infinite Sea (book 2, The 5th Wave)

The Infinite Sea
by Rick Yancey
300 pages
ISBN: 9780399162428

Gripping and desperate yet hopeful and healing, The Infinite Sea will have readers whipping through the pages to find out if this is truly humanity's last stand! Rick Yancey is a masterful storyteller who knows how to captivate. The only downside to The Infinite Sea is the sometimes confusing POV and figuring out which character is telling the story. The story jumps around a bit, so read carefully to make sure you don't miss plot points.

Cassie Sullivan and her close band of humans stick together; they are all they've got. The rest of the human race has fallen, and the Others won't stop until they have annihilated the Earth of every last human being. Cassie, Teacup, Zombie, Ringer and Poundcake want to wait for Evan Walker, but they know that time is running out before winter is upon them, or worse, before the aliens find them and kill them.

The group decides to move out. Cassie realizes that the aliens could have killed all of them  by now and wonders what they are waiting for. They should all be dead, yet she is in control and able to outsmart them and matches their every move with calculated chess moves of her own.

There is nothing the Aliens won't do to win, and that includes turning human toddlers into walking bombs. Cassie is horrified and vows to stop the aliens at all cost. Cassie begins to wonder if she is all human. She knows Evan is an alien but he has lived with humanity too long. Evan is beginning to turn human, but Cassie still doesn't completely trust him. Evan has a bad habit of disappearing when the humans need his help, but he promises Cassie that he'll always find her. Are the aliens really behind this Earth takeover? Or could it be someone even more insidious? Maybe all will be revealed in book 3; until then, I can only think, "Wow!"

Cassie is one human girl full of kick-@$$! She isn't about to let aliens win and she won't stand idly by and watch her friends murdered one by one. Note to self: in case of alien invasion and the 5th Wave, find a friend like Cassie and stick to her like glue.

Highly recommended for grade 7 and up. 

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