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Percy Jackson PIck: Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods
by Rick Riordan
Illustrated by John Rocco
311 pages with index
full color illustrations
ISBN: 9781423183648

Visit the world of Rick Riordan

Told with humor and a healthy helping of snark,  Percy Jackson--hero of the Lightning Thief series and demigod  son of Poseiden,-- tells the story of the Greek myths. Percy is a lovable narrator, making fun of the ancient myths at every turn. Mixing the old myths with teen humor and pop culture references makes this retelling fresh and compelling.

Beginning with the time before the gods, Percy tells of the creation of the world and the Titans. It all begins with Chaos and Gaea. A sky is formed and names itself Ouraos, Percy says, "...and, yeah, that's another spelling for Uranus. There's pretty much no way you can pronounce that name without people snickering. It just sounds wrong." Percy wonders why a god didn't choose a more palatable name "like Deathbringer or Jose..."

Kronos and the Titans rule in a time Percy calls "The Golden Age of Cannibalism." Kronos not only is in control, he is also associated with time itself. Although, "He couldn't pop around the time stream like Doctor Who or anything...," he does rule the earth and sky until the rise of the Greek gods.

Zeus and the others defeat Kronos with the help of the Hundred handed Ones,  and Zeus becomes the leader of the gods taking Hera as his wife.

Each Greek myth  is told in detail by Percy and peppered with hilarious barbs and comments. Percy opens the chapter on Demeter (goddess of the fields and wheat) by saying, "Try not to get too excited, because this chapter is all about the goddess of wheat, bread and cereal. Demeter just flat out rocks when it comes to carbohydrates."

Readers will be entertained and laugh out loud as they read each chapter. The lively street banter between Zeus and Poseidon sounds like an 80s comedy skit from SNL. Chapter titles are cute, too. "Poseiden Gets Salty" for the god of the sea. "Ares, The Manly Man's Manly Man" for the god of war. "Dionysis Conquers the World With a Refreshing Beverage" for the god of wine.

Highly, highly recommended for fans of Rick Riordan and the Percy Jackson series. Mythology lovers will want to add this to their mythology collection. A must have for library collections. Book lovers will fall in love at first sight.

When I saw a display of this book at the local Barnes and Noble, I was impressed. And kids will be, too! It's oversized, colorful, and beautiful and a copy would be an impressive thing to own. Fans of the Percy Jackson series will have to have a copy of this book. Illustrations by John Rocco are outstanding.

Grade 4-up.

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