Monday, January 12, 2015

Fiction Pick: The Honest Truth

The Honest Truth
by Dan Gemeinhart
Scholastic Press
240 pages
ISBN: 9780545665766

Available January 27, 2015

Honest, open, generous, inspirational  and deeply moving, The Honest Truth will stay with you long after you've turned the last page.

Mark is a deep thinker; he writes haiku, loves his dog, takes photos with  his old camera, and wants to climb a mountain. He has to climb that mountain if it's the last thing he does. And it might be because he's dying.

Mark leaves a note for his best friend in the form of haiku. Jess figures where Mark is going, but is too afraid to tell the adults. She wants to help her friend, but is keeping his secret really helping him or not?

Mark goes off with Beau, his faithful canine companion and best dog friend whose heart is bigger than his whole  body. Beau would follow Mark into battle and fight valiantly by his side, never wavering, never backing down. They will need each other to face the elements and troubles they will face.

I cried when I read the author's note to early readers and I didn't stop even after finishing this book. There is more than one kind of hero in the world--some of them have four legs. Be ready with a NEW box of tissues at your side when you open The Honest Truth--you'll need it.

Highly, highly recommended grade 5-up. Death and dying.

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