Thursday, January 8, 2015

Non-Fiction Pick: Undecided. Navigating Life and Learning After High School

Undecided. Navigating Life and Learning After High School
by Geniveve Morgan
Zest Books
247 pages, with resources, index and bibliography
ISBN: 9781936976324

Author Genevieve Morgan offers sound advice for anyone who is in high school or in the "gap years." Whether it's military service, volunteer work, an internship, a two year college, a four year college or the work force, Undecided will give young people much needed information about how to navigate the next few years of their lives.

Helpful and informative sidebars and tips are easy to spot in gray boxes. Readers will want to pay close attention to the information in these. Early chapters are about personality traits, being an introvert vs. extrovert and how to choose a career that will fit your personality. Money matters and the cost of a college education help students and parents plan for this drain on family finances. On-line courses may be taken by some students and preferred by many.

Maybe an internship or apprenticeship is the right idea, or studying abroad, or even opening up your own business. Whatever their choice is, soon-to-be twenty-somethings will gain insight from this new book.

A list of websites for resources is an invaluable addition.

Highly recommended grade 8-up. I would not give to a high school senior. Many of the decisions for college--what admission tests to take, how to finance college, how to apply for a loan or grant-- have to made before a student's senior year.

FTC Required Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review.

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