Thursday, January 29, 2015

Whimsical Pick: Dragons at Crumbling Castle

Dragons at Crumbling Castle
by Terry Pratchett
2015 (first U.S. edition)
337 pages
ISBN: 9780544466593

Whimsical and amazing, Dragons at Crumbling Castle is a collection of fourteen short stories showcasing the mad wit of Sir Terry Pratchett at his fantastical best. Witches, wizards, dragons, princesses, kingdoms, plots and magic are afoot throughout.

Pratchett finds the magical  in the oddest, tiniest places: a dust mote or a carpet, for example.  Readers will be swept (pun intended) along for a fanciful ride. Frollicking with knights, dancing with princesses and brimming with possibilities this is one collection of stories that will be well-digested and loved by readers everywhere.

This collection of never before stories will resonate with fairy tale readers and gain a new following with young readers who have not discovered Pratchett's magic.

Highly, highly recommended for readers grade 4-up. Younger readers may not catch some subtle political and social nuances, but they are sure to enjoy the story anyway.

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