Monday, March 30, 2015

Rhyming Pick: Monkey and Duck Quack Up!

Monkey and Duck Quack Up!
by Jennifer Hamburg
Illustrations by Edwin Fotheringham
Scholastic Press
32 pages
ISBN: 9780545645140

Monkey gets a great idea. He wants to enter a rhyme contest and he asks Duck to help him win. If they win, they go on a cruise. Monkey can't wait to board that ship. He tries everything to get Duck to rhyme. Monkey begins: "Beat! Sheet! Meet! Greet!/Eat some wheat,/Then wash your feet!/Have a seat!/Trick or treat!/Hear a finch go tweet, tweet" and Duck says "Quack." Monkey really wants to win, so he devises a brilliant plan. What do you think Monkey has planned?

Readers will be delighted with Monkey's cheerful friendship and Duck's lack of language or rhyming skills. Just when you think you know what the Duck will say, he astonishes! Fun and cute, Monkey and Duck Quack Up! is a great book for teaching beginners  rhyme. The surprise ending will have young readers squealing with delight.

This book is bound to bring a smile to every adult who reads it for a child.

Edwin Fotheringham captures each animal's expressions of surprise, elation, "aha" expression, and satisfied expression.

Highly recommended for young readers and beginning rhymers.

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