Monday, July 10, 2017

McLeod Thompson YA Contemporary

Hi, Everyone! Welcome to my YA books blog where I review the best in YA with some tech thrown in!

Right now I'm up to my eyeballs in Pitch Wars. You'll want to visit the #pimpmybio Blog Hop.

Pitch Wars is an online forum/contest where writers (hopefuls) connect with others and enter their completed manuscripts in an attempt to be chosen as one of the lucky few who will go on to the mentor and agents rounds. You can read about the rules here. This year, I have decided to step up and be noticed. #pimpmybio tells you about how to do one of these posts. Here is my bio:

My BFF Beaudacious

I'm McLeod Thompson.This beautiful American bulldog is Beaudacious.

 Sabotaging Reality is my YA manuscript that mixes reality television, teen snark, mean girls, a pop princess, a boy from Montana,  a genius tech best friend, the Teen Choice Awards, Hollywood, a secret millionaire, a buried family secret, a Caribbean island, a three week competition, a category 5 hurricane and sabotage.  It is a cross between "Survivor" and 'Big Brother.'

I am having AHA moments every day in this writing competition. Other times I have, "OMG" moments. Then I have work to do. 

The critique partners have been a huge help with pointing out strengths and weaknesses. I would suggest every writer have several critique partners. One just is not enough. My manuscript has been a work in progress for over a year (hey, I work full time and review/blog) and my forever CP has been my BFF who is writing her own novel. We have read every word of our work, but we have still missed things until Pitch Wars. Pitch Wars has brought out the best voice of our characters.

If you are thinking of writing a novel or have been, I suggest you head over to #pitchwars to see all the fun/tears. Wish me luck, friends. This is no easy task. It is a toil. It is enlightening. It is draining. It is worth it.

Weird facts about me: 

1. I won a jalapeno eating contest while pregnant by devouring 21 whole raw jalapenos. The baby is now 22 years old and hates spicy food.

2. I collect bizarre kitchen tools like pizza shears
and pie birds.

3. Growing up with gear heads disguised as human brothers, I was forced into racing motorcycles and drag cars. I have a lifelong love of anything on two wheels and sometimes four.

4. I was a lifeguard--still love the beach, hate the ocean.

5. I am a secret kitchen ninja and have won large online recipe contests.
The recipe for the grilled cheese sandwich is yummy and full of awesome delishousness that your doctor warns you about.

6. I rescue dogs. I currently have eight rescues: 3 boxers, 1 American bulldog and the rest are a gaggle of yippy little creatures. Dog names: Beaudacious, Bongo, Berkeley, Bronco, Bon Jovi, Bandit--I see a trend developing here you may be thinking--Smeagle and Ozzy, oops! Broke the trend. Actually many of them had other names when we rescued them, but I renamed them their forever names. Don't listen when people tell you that you can't rename a pet. Yes, you can! 

6. Pitch Wars has made me bake more than I ever have. For inspiration, I bake a cobbler or cookies or whatever. My husband is happy about that!


Reality tv, of course. I'm a sucker for all the Real Housewives shows. I don't care. I think they are hysterical!
I love rock, Pearl Jam, Metallica, and Billy Idol.
Country: Toby Keith, Hank Williams, Jr., Keith Urban, George Strait
YA novelist: Libba Bray and Andrew Smith 
Films (not movies): To Kill a Mockingbird, Gone With the Wind, Lawrence of Arabia, The Goonies
Comedy move: It still makes me laugh, so when I need laughter, I see "Dumb and Dumber"--comic genius.
Adult novels of all time: Life Among Giants, The Storied Life of A.J. Fikrey, The Shadow of the Wind, A Man Called Ove 
Best Rock Song of ALL TIME: "Sympathy for the Devil"--the Rolling Stones

Good luck to everyone. You are all amazing and helpful, and I'm so glad I have decided to enter. Who knows. My next BFF might just be one of you! That's all the warning you'll get.