Sunday, December 22, 2019

Fantastic Middle Grade Pick: Operation Frog Effect

Operation Frog Effect
By Sarah Scheerger
Interior illustrations by Gina Perry
Random House 
306 pages
ISBN: 9780525644125

Operation Frog Effect is written as journal entries from eight diverse students in Ms. Graham’s fifth grade class at White Oak Elementary School. Each student has her own way of journaling. Blake draws his entry as graphic novel panels. Sharon writes her entries as poetry. Cecilia misses her grandmother in Mexico, so she begins each entry “Dear Abuelita” (as a letter to her grandmother) and includes English words for her grandmother to practice. Henry, a budding playwright, does his journaling as scenes from a play.

When an injured frog appears on the first day in the classroom, the class votes on what to do with him. It is decided to keep the frog and name him Kermit. Mrs. Graham allows a class vote on nearly everything. She does not appoint class duties, the students choose their role in the classroom with the caveat, choose wisely as this will be their job all year. 

The class learns many lessons about frogs and science, but more importantly, they learn about themselves and making a difference. Mrs. Graham teaches them that one small act can create a ripple effect. Later, that lesson is tested, and the students come together and work as a team to speak to the school board. 

Operation Frog Effect is a winning read that is a great choice for class reads and for the entire school to read. Like Wonder and Counting By Sevens, Operation Frog Effect teaches lessons without becoming preachy. Reluctant readers will find it entertaining and easy to read.

Fabulous, eye catching cover will make this book fly off the shelf. Illustrations help tell the story and keep visual learners entertained.

Recommended for younger middle grade readers age eight and up.

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