Tuesday, August 17, 2010

High School Pick

Wide Awake
Wide Awake
by David Levithan
Alfred A. Knopf, 2006
221 pages

Set in the near future, political groups are no longer Democrat or Republican parties. After the Great Recession, America is reeling. The Jesus Freaks and God Squad are spreading joy and love. The Decents are calling for love of the country and family values. Family values do not include gay or "unAmerican" values.

When the Stein/Martinez camp wins the Presidential election, shock waves spread over America. The first Jewish President also happens to be openly gay, and his vice-president is a lesbian. Duncan and his boyfriend Jimmy are energized. They see this victory as a victory for all gay people. Duncan and Jimmy are deeply in love and committed to each other. When the state of Kansas calls for a recount of the votes, the boys join other friends and hire a bus to take them to Kansas.

The novel follows a political campaign and fall-out after the election. Duncan begins to question not only his own beliefs but those of his closest friends. Kids who love politics and fighting for what's right, will love this novel. Provocative and compelling, Levithan has once again hit his niche--high school readers who love a good story.

Recommended for high school collections, grades 10-12. Mature themes, language, some sex.

FTC Disclaimer: I got this book from the publisher to read and possibly comment on. This in no way affected my review.

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