Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Between Here and Forever

Between Here and Forever
by Elizabeth Scott
Simon Pulse
256 pages
Available May 24, 2011

Pitch perfect, poignant, and provocative, Between Here and Forever is the perfect novel for readers who like a sad/romantic/brooding story.

Abby has always lived in the shadow of older, brighter sister Tess. Tess, the golden child, worshipped by their parents and classmates alike. No boy can turn away from her charm. Now Tess lies in a hospital bed in a coma after an accident. Abby visits her daily, talking to her, singing to her, hoping for her to move, if only an eyelid.

With their perfect child lying in a coma, Abby's parents have a terrible time connecting with their younger child. This family is beyond dysfunctional. Abby deals with all her pent up anger and jealousy by trying to wake up Tess--not that she misses her, she doesn't miss her at all--but she doesn't want to forever be "the girl with a sister in a coma." And she doesn't want her parents spending their every waking hour worrying over Tess; doctors have told them that she'll never wake up but they keep hoping. Abby enlists the help of super-hot gift store guy Eli--they both try to wake Tess.

When a shattering secret is revealed, Abby sees the events of the past couple of years in clear detail. Family secrets can cause harm, pain, and tragedy.

Recommended for high school grades 9-12.
gender issues, same sex relationships

FTC Required Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review.

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