Thursday, January 12, 2012

High School Pick: Slide--An Uber-Cool Mystery Thriller!

by Jill Hathaway
Balzer + Bray
256 pages

Available March 27, 2012

Clever, captivating, and complex, Slide is a solid page-turner and an uber-cool teen mystery. Vee has a weird problem--sometimes she passes out and "slides" into the body of someone else. She starts to feel queasy and sick and can't control when it will happen or who she will slide into, but when she slides and sees Sophie's lifeless body and a knife in her/the killer's hand, she knows that Sophie didn't commit suicide. Someone killed Sophie, but everyone else thinks she took her own life. If only Vee had seen the killer's face!

Sophie was friends with Mattie, Vee's younger sister, and Amber. The three girls were popular cheerleaders but Mattie and Amber were plotting something right before Sophie died. It's up to Vee to figure out who is responsible for Sophie's death. She suspects both Mattie and Amber have something to do with it, and she would put solid money on it that Scotch, Sophie's tool of a boyfriend is guilty, too.

That isn't her only problem--since her mother's death years ago, Vee's father has become a workaholic--spending every waking hour at the hospital--he is now an absent parent. When his daughter Mattie needs a parent the most, he is absent and Vee has to step in. Vee's best male friend Rollins is acting strange, too. He's pushing her away and hiding some secret from her, and now Vee worries he may be involved in Sophie's death. Then Amber is shot to death on the school football field. Two cheerleaders are dead and parents and students are fearful. Who will die next?

Police have a few suspects including Mr. Golden, a teacher who has questionable relationships with a number of students. Vee has her own suspicions.

Zane is a new student who develops an instant interest in Vee. The more time she spends with Zane, the bigger the rift becomes between Vee and Rollins. Then Vee discovers a secret; her father's past is about to surface and threatens their safety.

With more plot twists and turns that a Rocky Mountain road, this novel will appeal to mystery fans. I know I've mentioned a lot of characters, but it's easy to keep them straight when reading this novel. Girls who watch "Pretty Little Liars" will relish this quick and scintillating read.

Bad girl behavior and high school pranks, sexting, sexual talk, drinking, language, sexual harrassment, extra-marital affairs, murder, suicide, and just plain bad high school behavior and bad adult behavior make this novel suitable for upper grades.

Highly, highly recommended and readable for high school readers grades 9-up.

FTC Required Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review.

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